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All services and supports are based on person-centered thinking assessment tools approved by the Department of Disabilities Services (DDS) and enable the person supported to retain or improve skills related to health; activities of daily living; money management; community mobility; recreation; cooking; shopping; use of community resources; community safety; and to develop other adaptive skills needed to live in the community.

  • Wellness Services (Bereavement) facilitate a safe and healing grief process for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are adjusting to a loss due to death.
  • In-Home Supports are provided to a person to allow him or her to reside successfully at home. In-home supports include activities in which the person is assisted by a Direct Support Professional (DSP) to achieve the goals outlined in the Individual Support Plan (ISP). Services may be provided in the home or community, with the place of residence as the primary setting.
  • Supported Employment Services provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to obtain competitive work in integrated work settings, at minimum wage or higher and a rate comparable to workers without disabilities performing the same tasks.
  • Behavior Support Services are provided in situations where a person with disabilities is determined to have patterns of behavior which are likely to seriously limit or deny access to ordinary community experiences and activities or which threaten the physical safety of the person or others around them.

Services are provided by appointment and walk-ins. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (202) 388-8500 ext. 165.
During your first visit, the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Division Coordinator will meet you to gather information and determine your individual needs.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet your HCBS needs.

Below is an informative Video about Person Centered Services.